Masonry Bricklaying Contractors

Loose, cracked or damaged bricks look bad on a wall or a chimney, not only do they look bad, but they can create an opening for more damage. It is advisable that you act on the spot to protect moisture from seeping through the wall and cause issues like dampness and molds. Cracked, loose or damaged bricks should not get you worried, as it can be repaired with ease, our best-trained brick technician come in handy to sort you out. Home repair can be attempted if you are repairing 1 or less than four adjoining bricks and on a non-load bearing wall. But if the brick wall is load bearing, this is where our expertise comes in; you can search for ‘bricklaying contractors’ we are only a click away! We at Storm Shield Roofing And Masonry , offer all and any bricklaying service that you could think of from garden walls, foundation walls to retaining walls. Our best-trained team of professionals is specialized in the different types of brickwork.

Foundation Contractors

A foundation wall offers support for the whole structure that is under construction, hence should be constructed with much care as it is the most vital part of the building. When the foundation walls are not well built, cracks tend to appear, and the structure may start settling. At Storm Shield Roofing And Masonry, we are professional foundation contractors and are well versed in the whole construction process. Our team of best-trained foundation technicians will ensure that your foundation and the foundation wall is stable as they know when to back-fill when the concrete has achieved the strength required and the amount of reinforcement steel required as well among other vital aspects in the foundation.

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Retaining Wall Contractors

Retaining walls are relatively rigid walls used for holding the soil weight laterally such that the soil is retained on the two sides at different levels. When you intend to build a retaining wall, you may imagine how rigid it would appear from the front, or how awesome the new garden above it would look.

It is advisable to think of what goes on at the back of the wall, and below the wall otherwise, this beauty may be short-lived. A wall that is not built well may separate, lean or topple and the next minute it is flat on the ground, you wouldn’t want that! Storm Shield Roofing And Masonry, is your best companion; we guarantee you a rigid retaining wall to behold; we are professional retaining wall contractors and are ready to do this for you.

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