Driveway and Patio Building Service in Eagan, MN

As Eagan, MN roads become busier, on-street parking space is at a premium on many roads!. Many people even have to search for parking spaces on their street! Now is the perfect time to build a new driveway. Did you know your car is up to 4 times less likely to suffer break-in or damage from passing vehicles parked on an off-road driveway? A new driveway will not only give you a permanent place to park your car but will also transform the look of your house and garden. A new driveway or patio can also add thousands of pounds of value to your property. With Storm Shield Roofing And Masonry, a new driveway is not as expensive to install as you may think. We have been building and renovating driveways, patios and pathways around Eagan, MN for well over ten years now, with hundreds of satisfied customers. We specialize in all forms of garden building and landscaping and offer a comprehensive 10-year guarantee on all of our garden building jobs. Your new path, patio or driveway can be made using block paving, cobbles, slabs, natural stone, gravel, Tarmac, Asphalt or imprinted concrete, the choice of finish is entirely up to you.

Driveway and patio repairs

Our driveway and patio building service can design and build any type of hardstanding area on your property, offering you a sleek new look for either your front or back garden. Our highly experienced garden designers are happy to visit you for a free survey and quote. We can incorporate, landscaping features such as water features, external lighting and planted areas if required. We are also available to repair and renovate existing driveways, patios and paths. On many of our driveway repair jobs, we find that driveways have sunken due to weak foundations, which can cause a trip hazard as paving blocks can become displaced. Storm Shield Roofing And Masonry, go above and beyond the industry standard when constructing driveways to ensure there is no sagging, even after ten years of use. We specialize in all forms of block paving and can incorporate even the most elaborate of designs. Our garden designers can produce beautiful patio areas, which are low on maintenance and will last a lifetime, expanding your outdoor recreation areas, and often solving long-standing drainage problems.

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Why Choose Storm Shield Roofing And Masonry ?

Driveway and patio builders for Eagan, MN

Our experienced team of garden builders, work fast and will never leave a job until the customer is 100% satisfied. We are licensed to dispose of all garden and building waste and will leave your yard clean and tidy even during your build.

Our driveway and patio building service is available throughout Eagan, MN and within the M25. Please feel free to browse our portfolio of work to see a small selection of the paths, patios and driveways we have completed all over Eagan, MN. We have a long list of happy customers who will all testify to the quality of our work. Contact us for a free quote here and let us transform your driveway and garden.